Pakistan Celebrates As Dua Mangi Returns Home Safely After The Kidnapping Ordeal

dua mangi

The kidnapping of Dua Mangi from a posh locality in DHA, Karachi last week had left Pakistan extremely distressed.

Concerned Pakistanis finally let out a sigh of relief when the news of Dua Mangi returning home safely broke over the news and on the internet.

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And while Pakistan is celebrating Mangi’s homecoming, the fact that her kidnappers are still at large continues to make citizens uneasy.

The very fact that she was kidnapped in the first place is making people challenge the concept of “safe return.”

In the face of media scrutiny and rampant insensitivity by a group of netizens, many are making calls to respect Dua Mangi and her family’s privacy.

At this point the most important thing is to give Mangi and her family privacy and support to let go of the trauma that the kidnapping must have caused.

At the same time, rather than besieging Dua’s residence to get news bites, it would serve everyone best if the focus was instead shifted to the authorities to ensure that the kidnappers are finally caught and such an incident does not scar another family again!