Fawad Alam Just Got Selected For The Sri Lankan Series & Pakistan Is Having Trouble Staying Calm!

Fawad Alam
Source: https://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/25079/how-else-must-fawad-alam-prove-his-worth-pcb/

Most cricket fans in Pakistan have spent years protesting Fawad Alam’s ouster from the national team.

Each time a squad was announced, people wanted to know why Fawad Alam wasn’t part of it.

Each time Alam scored a century at the domestic level, Pakistanis wanted to know if he would be considered for the next series.

Each time another batsman fared poorly on the pitch, Pakistanis demanded – blood – and of course his immediate replacement with – you guessed it(!) – Fawad Alam!

And now after spending an eternity missing from the national squad, the left-handed batsman has finally found his way back into the Test squad heading to Sri Lanka.

Needless to say, the announcement has inspired the same pleasant disbelief in Pakistan cricket fans that Simran felt when Baoo Jee asked her to live her zindagi!


Yes, despite our endless rants and borderline violence-inciting tweets, PCB did not bring Fawad Alam back in the team for a whole decade!

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But the unthinkable has finally happened and there’s reason – good reason – to cheer!

Karachiites are leading the happy pack!

If you and I are so excited, imagine Alam’s own reaction right now!

From all of us at Bolo Jawan – especially our resident Cricket Analyst Afshar, who’s spent a lifetime writing to have you back on the team and even coined the term, “Fawad-Alam-like-treatment” – buhat mubarak, man! Very well deserved!