Pakistani Twitter Up In Arms As Noor Mukadam’s Murderer, Zahir Jaffer, Taken To PIMS For A ‘Headache’

Zahir Jaffer PIMS/Noor Mukadam Zahir Jaffer
Image Source: DAWN

Pakistani Twittersphere is going bonkers over the news of Zahir Zakir Jaffer – the primary suspect in Noor Mukadam’s gruesome murder case being taken to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad as he experienced a headache.

Mukadam – the daughter of a former Pakistani diplomat, was found murdered at a private residence in the capital’s F-7/4 sector on July 20. This is when Jaffer – the alleged killer was taken into custody.

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There was a major public outcry over this privileged treatment of Jaffer, who belongs to an elite Islamabadi family, and is a US national as well.

According to Arab News, Zahir was taken to the government hospital over a complaint of a headache. The publication further reported that doctors present at the facility did his checkup and found out that everything was completely normal. He was discharged soon after on Wednesday.

People are outrageous at the point that despite the jails having medical officers and health supplies, why was Zahir Jaffer given extra perks and taken to PIMS hospital? They are demanding an explanation for this act.

“Unless every single prisoner in the Pakistani penal system goes to PIMS when they have a headache, this is a sick abuse of power,” former PM Benazir Bhutto’s niece, Fatima Bhutto wrote on Twitter. “Zahir Jaffer getting all the privileges of his wealth and influence in jail after his heinous crime is outrageous.”

They want the alleged murderer to be treated as the crime he committed and not otherwise.

Mukadam’s brutal murder sent shivers across the country, sparking a debate around gender-based violence, femicides, and cries for justice. Many women, activists, lawyers, and social media users have condemned the act and vehemently asked for justice this time around, as they fear Jaffer will get away with it because of his privileged background.

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