Musharraf Death Sentence: Mixed Reactions Pour In As Special Court Gives Verdict Against Treason Case

Musharraf death sentence
Source: Business Recorder

Almost five years after General (R) Pervez Musharraf had been indicted in the high treason case, a Special Court, has sentenced the former military dictator to death in an unprecedented verdict.

Musharraf had been on trial for violating the constitution and imposing a state of emergency in 1999. He was found guilty in 2007.

Pakistanis have a mix bag of reactions after the news of Musharraf’s death sentence broke.

Some people are applauding the judgement by the Special Court for setting the precedent and not treating anyone above the law.

On the other hand, there are some who aren’t sure which side to pick. While they oppose death penalty on principle, they also have a principled stance against impunity for the powerful.

People are also bringing in the issue of “empowering weak MQM” claiming Musharraf was in “cahoot” with Altaf Hussain.

This guy praised the decision quoting Benazir, “Democracy is the best revenge”.

There are those who are criticising the judgement saying it is “unfair” considering he did a lot for Pakistan.

People are comparing cases of Nawaz Sharif and Musharraf maintaining that both of the cases should be treated equally.

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This guy called out the judicial system of Pakistan for sparing “Nawaz Sharif who looted our money” and sentencing “…the man who made incredible contributions to Pakistani defence and economy…”

The older millenials who had come of age during Musharraf’s era seemed to favour the former guy condemned the decision and said that “…He was the protector… He was not a traitor.”

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