Despite Negative Buzz, Minal Khan & Fahad Sheikh Win Hearts With Their Roles In Jalan

jalan minal khan fahad sheikh
Source: Dramasnite

The most anticipated series of ARY Digital Jalan is now being broadcasted in the prime time slot on Wednesdays.

There had been a lot of negative buzz on digital media before the drama went on air.

And keeping in mind that with scarcely two episodes old, it is by all accounts hitting the correct notes with the audience across the country who are taking interest in the story and expressing their love towards Jalan.

The general feedback of the viewers has been positive so far, however, it remains to be seen whether or not it’ll be a success to keep the drama-goers hooked to their TV screens as the story proceeds.

With its variety of talented cast, the show appears to be encouraging a huge number of aspects. The most significant one being determination of the actress itself which serve a role as a much needed refresher for the viewers who had been apparently tired of watching scripts based on both seasoned ideas and cast.

Jalan has also registered two new couples— Ahmer (Fahad Sheikh) & Nisha (Minal Khan) paired along with Asfand (Emmad Irfani) and Misha (Areeba Habib), who share a great on screen chemistry.

The plot

The plot of the serial revolves around two young sisters, Nisha and Misha who are in their pursuit of finding love. However, not every person holds a similar position on love. Furthermore, the drama is fixated on how diversely the two sisters distinguish the chronicles in love to regard theirs as loyal.

Ahmer and Nisha are a devil-may-care couple who have been hitched for some time now and look forward to getting married in their quest for true love. Head-over-heels in affection with Nisha, Ahmer is a man of humble character. He is demonstrated to be an enthusiastic youthful chap who has quite a few characteristics that a girl could wish to have in her partner. He is enchanting, true, adoring, dedicated and simultaneously respectful towards her wife-to-be Nisha and her family. He also earns a good amount of salary from his job which is adequate to get them both go on with their little dreams after marriage.

Things take a nasty turn when her sister Misha too appears to have discovered the love of her life, Asfand, who is a business tycoon.

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In a hurried sequence of events, Asfand proposes Misha for marriage and they get hitched. The wedding ends up being an encapsulation of opulence. Jewellery is gifted to the members of family and the future of the couple is visibly elite. This fabulousness and glitz shocks Misha’s sister Nisha to the point that she desires of having it all for herself as well.

It is at this point that Nisha begins begrudging Asfand who is now her brother-in-law and starts getting far off from her enchanting and cherishing husband-to-be, Ahmer. Greed blinds youthful Nisha to the degree that she begins thinking less about her own fiance and there comes all sorts of comparisons drawn among Asfand and Ahmer.

Ahmer, who, is unaware of his reality inevitably crumbling, continues battling to watch out for Nisha’s every need. But Nisha reveals to Ahmer that she doesn’t want to marry him since she figures he was unable to give her as sumptuous a way of life as Asfand. This leaves Ahmer devastated.

Ahmer, played by Fahad Sheik, is nevertheless now a delightful paradox in itself. On one hand, his honest grin will undoubtedly leave the crowd panting for air, yet on the other he has nothing left to cry upon however resiliently stands up again to prove that genuine love rises above everything else in life.

As a whole, Jalan looks promising in furnishing the viewers with something new and fresh while simultaneously leaves significant space for the young artists to give their best, particularly for the Minal and super talented Fahad Sheikh who appear to be turning into the principle leads for the future episodes.

We saw Fahad Sheikh’s exceptional acting in his old drama Badbakht in which he did a negative character named Arman Abid Ali. As per Fahad, Jalan allowed him a chance to investigate new elements of his acting skills. Ahmer, the integral character of Drama will experience various periods of life and each stage will differently affect his character. To deliver all of these changes to their best, it requires a lot of effort. You have to comprehend the character and change as indicated by each scene.

Jalan can be watched every Wednesday at 8 PM on Ary Digital.