Memes Run Amok As Arnab Goswami Claims ISI Officials Have Taken Over The Fifth Floor Of The Two-storey Serena Hotel In Kabul

Arnab Goswami Serena hotel kabul fifth floor
Image Source: Twitter

We’ve seen how time and again Indian media has topped the list in spreading false information and they don’t seem to be backing down either. This time around, senior journalist Arnab Goswami took the lead in doing the deed, when he claimed on the Indian TV channel’s talk show “The Debate” that Pakistan Army officers were staying on the fifth floor of the luxury Serena Hotel in Kabul.

However, his statement backfired when people on the internet “Googled it up” for him. The luxury hotel only had two floors – major lol! So, as the clip went viral on social media, both Indian and Pakistani Twitterati joined forces to take a dig at the firebrand anchorperson because boy, they’d been waiting for it.

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Goswami is notorious for blindly supporting the India Bharatiya Janata Party and spewing vitriol against the party’s foes without sound evidence. Therefore, social media users, who aren’t supportive of his journalistic ethics had to make complete use of the opportunity to get back at him.

Let’s have a look at what they had in store for him.

Where you at, fifth floor?

You’re a superhuman if you can see the fifth floor!

One of the users claimed this is what Arnab Goswami meant when he mentioned the “fifth floor(!)” of the Serena hotel.


ISI watching over from the fifth floor like…

Some of the netizens went downright savage with their content.

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