Leaked Video Makes Way For #RevokeMehwishHayatCivilAward

#RevokeMehwishHayatCivilAward mehwish hayat
Image Source: Dawn.com

Mehwish Hayat has always been quick to share her views on socio-political matters. However, in a recent leaked video the award winning actor quite clearly refused to voice her opinion on the Kashmir lock down; something that made way for #RevokeMehwishHayatCivilAward.

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#RevokeMehwishHayatCivilAward Trends on Twitter

The short leaked video clip soon made way for a misunderstanding that left the twitterati fuming.



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Mehwish Hayat Clarifies Her Stance On Kashmir

Soon, Mehwish Hayat took to twitter to clarify her stance. She explained that she has remained vocal on the issue and will continue to do so. While explaining her side of the story further she said that she was at a charity event where she had been requested by the PR not to discuss politics in order to ensure that the focus remains on the orphans she was there to help.

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Support Come Forward To Denounce #RevokeMehwishHayatCivilAward

People from different walks of life soon came forward to voice their support and to speak against #RevokeMehwishHayatCivilAward.

Renowned singer Shehzad Roy and anchor person Iqrar ul Hassan Syed also came forward to help Mehwish clear the air.