Maryam Nawaz Starts a Twitter Feud With Imran Khan Over The “My Name Is Khan” Tweet

Source: Daily Pakistan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairperson, Imran Khan had a good few days on the legal front. First, he was acquitted on corruption charges by the Supreme Court and yesterday his pre-arrest bail application was approved by an Anti-terror Court (ATC).

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Clearly, unable to contain his excitement, Khan sent out a tweet that literally made every twitterati in Pakistan stop and do a double take.

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The (now famous) tweet started with the tagline from the Bollywood film, “My name is Khan,” and ended with a badass line that looks like something right out of Tupac Shakur’s, “Thug Life.”

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Khan’s tweet was nothing like what one expects from his feed in terms of the choice of words and phrases. It read, “My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist. Moreover, the SC has pronounced me Sadiq and Ameen and I am coming after them crooks!”

As soon as the tweet was out, there was literally an avalanche of responses coming from friends, fans and foes.

There were the usual PTI jiyalas who couldn’t stop gushing over their beloved Imran Khan.

Then there were of course those who couldn’t pass this opportunity to take digs at the former cricketer turned politician. Leading the pack were famous journalists.

The life and soul of Pakistani social media – the meme-makers and joke-crackers – had a field with Imran Khan’s, “My Name is Khan” tweet!

However, the one response that caught almost as much attention as Imran Khan’s tweet belonged to his arch rival, Maryam Nawaz. Breaking the unsaid code of conduct that dictates how senior leaders of political parties communicate, the PML-N scion sent out a scathing one-liner that left many shocked.

With the general elections only a few months away, it seems all bets are off. Senior politicians will be seen spitting undiluted venom on each other for the rest of the year, encouraging their followers to join in.

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So, whether you’re a PTI lover or a PML-N loyalist, the important thing to remember is that there’s really no point in fighting among ourselves. Let the rich and powerful create and clean their own mess. Stay respectful, stay positive and enjoy the show!