Major Rondoo Feels After Shafqat Mahmood Blocks Jibran Nasir On Twitter

Shafqat Mahmood blocked Jibran Nasir
Image Source: Global village space, Twitter

Federal education minister, Shafqat Mahmood, has blocked a lawyer and activist, Jibran Nasir on Twitter.

This development has come in the wake of their back and forth banter on the bird app, where the activist has been actively taking up the students’ plea to the minister to get the CIEs canceled.

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Nasir sounded rather frustrated when he Tweeted that Shafqat Mahmood has blocked him on Twitter, adding the Minister “wants to live in his bubble where he is always right & doesn’t want anyone bursting it with the truth about his performance.”

Umm, also, Nasir thinks this was uncalled for since he has never been impolite to him all this time, while completely disregarding the fact that he asked for his resignation. I mean, isn’t that rude, Mr. Nasir?

After doing some social media digging, we found out that it all started after Mahmood’s decision to hold the CIEs as planned.

And telling students that there is a specific time to do everything. Free passes don’t get you anywhere, he added.

This probably hit a nerve with Nasir, so much so that he had to sub-tweet him. Also, because the minister disregarded his incessant pleas on Twitter. Oops!

There was some back and forth banter on Students Assessed Grades (SAGs), too, with both of them trying to one-up each other.

Umm… aren’t there better ways to negotiate a matter? What is this sub-tweeting and all?

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Mahmood was adamant about making the students sit for exams while keeping the SOPs in check.

And trying to win the argument once again, being the lawyer that he is, Nasir ratted out about the lack of SOPs at the appointed examination centers.

And Mahmood just couldn’t stand it.

Well, it turns out the SOPs were scarce, and there was little to no social distancing at the exam centers. So, to keep the complaints and COVID-19 positivity at bay, the CIEs were canceled till June 15.

Now that everything has come to a close, and the issue has been resolved, so why did the Minister feel the need to block Jibran Nasir on Twitter? And why is the activist complaining about it on the bird app?

Will the real adult please stand up and try to solve matters in a peaceful, mature way? Thank you!


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