Tik Tok Star Kashif Zameer Who Brought Engin Altan To Pakistan Accused Of Fraud

Kashif Zameer Engin Altan
Image Source: Daily Pakistan

Kashif Zameer the man who hosted Dirilis Etrugrul star Engin Altan is apparently a fraud and has been booked in 8 CASES, what? The cases include some serious offenses like car theft, betrayal of trust and fraud etc.


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Sialkot based Tik Toker and businessman Kashif Zameer struck a deal of $1 million with Engin Altan but only paid half of it.


According to reports, Kashif Zameer had four cases registered against him, two in Lahore and two each in Toba Tek Singh and Sialkot.


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Kashif Zameer however in his defense said that he has paid half the amount, but will pay the rest of it after the completion of the deal.

The gold laden businessman said in his Instagram video,

this is a smear campaign against him. Certain social media segments want to get back at him for not letting them meet Engin Altan.


He explained why he didn’t let this happen. He said,

according to the SOPs mentioned in the contract I couldn’t let people meet him. But I promised them that once this pandemic is over I will make them all meet him.

The man has now been arrested by the police for his criminal record

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Well, whatever the whole story is this has certainly put Pakistan in a bad light and people are commenting on why someone like Kashif Zameer who nobody knew much about brought Turkish star to Pakistan.

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Whatever the truth is, we hope the air is cleared and Altan returns back to Turkey with good faith in Pakistan.

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