Karishma’s Diary: “How Education Helped Me Find My Voice”

Karishma Zakaullah
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“My name is Karishma Zakaullah, I belong to a village in KPK and this is my diary. If someone had told me 15 years ago that I’d be penning my experience for the world to read, I would have shrugged the idea.

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But here I am, pursuing my dreams and raising my voice for a cause that is very close to my heart!

In this huge world where the sane voices fade away in thin air and all you hear is irrational noises, I get up every day with even greater conviction in myself and the credit goes to EDUCATION!

For me, education has never been a matter of degrees and jobs! For me, education is another chance at life, a window that fills my surroundings with light and helps me see beyond the four walls of my house.

For me, acquiring an education is not about moving from school to college to university, it’s a journey from ignorance to self-actualization. It’s the most important aspect of my life.

Malcolm X once said, “without education, you are not going anywhere in this world.” I come back to this quote after every milestone that I never imagined I would achieve and why wouldn’t I! Education has evolved me into a completely new person, has helped me overcome many obstacles and has made me a better human being in every aspect.

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Today, I am equipped with more skills than I used to be 15 years ago. Today, I know how less I know. Today, I genuinely feel empowered and today, the world is my oyster!

Do you know why a right as basic as education is like a blessing for someone like me? Because I come from a place where 64% of women have never ever been to school!

Shocking, right? But for some, this is the reality of life, something that they have to live with the rest of their lives.

Today as I run my own social enterprise and an Ed-tech startup, as I get to socialize with different people from around the whole country, every interaction makes me realize how access to education decides the difficulty level of a life that one lives.

And, suddenly, I am filled with passion to make education accessible to as many little girls in my village/province/country as I can.

I know the journey is long and lone but I am willing to do everything in my capacity to help people pursue their dreams.

EDUCATION helped me find my voice and now more than ever, I want to use this voice to ensure that no girl on this earth is left deprived of a right as basic as education.

My name is Karishma Zakaullah, I belong to a village in KPK and this is my diary.”

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  1. Miss Karishma you are right education teach so many things and teach how to talk to senior and used the language Spcialy with Those whose love you and like you and see you in high place . But doesn’t means you answered in very different way , of course I am not that high educated that you are but site in educated peoples and have good and clean heart and help morally . Thak you Have a good night sleep

  2. Love your ideas and views about the women and young girls around the world you have set the very good example with your sense of hummer and knowledge . You are a good role model for the generation to come . Love you

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