Justice For Zohra Shah: 8-Year-Old Beaten To Death For Letting Go Caged Parrots

zohra shah

Zohra Shah, an 8-year-old domestic worker was allegedly beaten to death by her employers.

The horrific incident took place on Monday at Phase 8 of Bahria Town, Rawalpindi where Zohra Shah was beaten to death by the employers because she let free some caged parrots.

According to the latest reports, Zohra’s employers have been taken into custody and they have confessed to beating and leaving her at the hospital.

News of the incident got public after the hospital staff called the police as Zohra had multiple wounds on her ribs, abdominal area and legs.

The FIR registered against the abusers also includes rape charges and the sexual abuse will be determined after the medical autopsy.

Zohra Shah’s murder clearly indicates our failure as a society. Hiring an 8-year-old as domestic help is child labor and crime in the first place. Second, there is no word that can explain the cruelty as the poor child was beaten only for letting go of the caged birds (and of course, it doesn’t matter how expensive they were!). Finally, leaving the child helpless to die at the hospital is inhumane to an unimaginable extent.

If the rape charges come out to be true then this unfortunately, has to go down as one of the darkest incidents ever, of child sexual abuse.

People for obvious reasons were extremely enraged as soon as the news hit the social media.

Pakistani politicians Sharmila Faruqi and Sherry Rehman came forward to condemn the incident on Twitter.

Muniba Mazari shared how broken she was after hearing the news.

Androulla Kaminara, Ambassador of the European Union to Pakistan shared how sad she felt on this unfortunate incident.

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Pakistanis are demanding justice for Zohra Shah and an end to child brutality in the country.


Child Rights Movement in Pakistan, a consortium of organizations working to protect and promote the rights of children, immediately took note of the incident.

They ran a Twitter campaign with hashtags #JusticeForZohraShah and #StopChildDomesticLabor.

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Celebrities from the entertainment industry are also using their influence to raise voice in support of Zohra Shah.


Zohra Shah’s case should be an eye-opener for the government and the citizens. The government must ensure strict laws against child labor and child sexual abuse and on the other hand, proper implementation of Article 25-A (free and quality education for children between the ages of 5 and 16) to discourage child labor. The citizens must perform their social responsibility and strictly avoid minors for any sort of labor.

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