Internet Is ROFL-ing At These PML-N Supporters Chanting “Hamza” To Solve All Their Problems

PML-N Supporters

Pakistanis are very possessive about their political affiliations and never shy from sharing their love for their leaders. These PML-N supporters in an interview took it to next level to show how much they love their leader Hamza Shahbaz Sharif.

The elderly PML-N supporters are seen chanting Hamza Hamza and claim that it is the solution to all their problems!

Are you seeking peace, calm & love?

Is your body inhabited by a jin and don’t know how to get rid of it?


All your problems are answered in this video! 👇

To show his support this PML-N supporter is even ready to send his three sons behind the bars if that’s what it would take to bring Hamza Shahbaz out of jail.


Internet is literally ROFL-ing over this video and I bet you are too! 🤣

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To some people this video appeared to be staged!

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Well, now you know which Hamza we’re talking about here!