Independence Cup 2017: These Hilarious Reactions are Cracking Us Up!

Kohli Nahi Hota Tujh Se Chase Meme
Photo Courtesy: @iPakistaniLAD

The ongoing Independence Cup has so far been a source of celebration in Pakistan. People have not only loved every minute of the series but have also expressed themselves in all sorts of funny ways.

Here is a compilation of tweets that shows how people were able to see the funny side of the historic T20 series.

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Well not exactly a Shahid Afridi fan!

There is no fun without trolling the Indian fans so…

Harsha too couldn’t help and had to write something funny!

When Amla began playing well this Pakistani had a request to make!

And this Pakistani had his own way of appreciating Amla’s wristy stroke play!

Pakistanis not happy with Sohail Khan but still didn’t mind being humorous!

When Imad Wasim’s bowling was appreciated…

Funny or Not and regardless of the result Pakistan won and that is what matters!

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