Imran Khan’s Meeting With Donald Trump Is Attracting All Sorts Of Memes!

imran khan's meeting with donal trump
Source: Twitter

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s meeting with US President Donald Trump kept most of us, Pakistanis awake all last night.

Given the strained relations that Pakistan and the US had been experiencing in the last few years, there was a lot of anticipation surrounding the meeting between the two leaders.

From the look of things, the meeting seemed to have gone very well with the US President having offered to mediate between Pakistan and India to resolve the Kashmir issue as well as Trump’s emphasis on forging greater economic ties with Pakistan.

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But we’ll do an entirely different piece summarizing the highlights of Imran Khan’s meeting with Donald Trump and highlights from his US visit very soon. For now, on a lighter note, let’s see what the meme makers have made out of the meeting between the Pakistani and US leadership.

The body language of both Khan and Trump was pure gold for meme-makers!

There were many who made comparisons between Nawaz Sharif’s meeting with then US President Barack Obama and Khan’s recent meeting with Trump.

It wasn’t just the Khan-Trump meeting that had meme-makers excited. Imran Khan’s photographs with US First Lady Melania Trump were fodder enough to make references to the Prime Minister’s animated past!