PM Imran Khan And Hrithik Roshan Lookalike Has Netizens Going Crazy

Imran Khan lookalike
Image Source: Pinterest/Twitter Screengrab

One internet user named Abdullah Qamar spotted a lookalike of Imran Khan, who also happens to look a lot like Hrithik Roshan. And oh my goodness the resemblance is uncanny!

The lookalike in question was spotted in Sialkot enjoying a rickshaw ride.


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Have to admit that he looks rather uncomfortable being filmed but at the same time we cannot dismiss the fact that he actually does like the two famous persons i.e. current PM of Pakistan, Imran Khan and Bollywood star, Hrithik Roshan.


And…how could Twitter users let that go by so easily. They came up with all kinds of explanations, jokes and what not for the lookalike. Let’s have a look at some of the craziest ones.

I know, right?? :O

Some internet users believe he is PM in disguise.

Oh so they have already predicted who Nida Yasir is inviting on her morning show next!

The News International columnist and development practitioner, Mosharraf Zaidi is absolutely loving it!

And some Hrithik Roshan and Imran Khan comparisons were made.

This one here believes in ‘every person has 7 lookalikes theory!’

Meanwhile others took a jab!

He does look rather perplexed.

Most of us rn. Confused how did that actually happen!!

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