If You Cannot Remember These 5 Old South Asian Lullabies, Are You Even A South Asian?

South Asian Lullabies
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90s kids have by far the coolest experience on Earth, being able to see the transition of the big mighty phone set into almost paper-thin smartphones. We can relate with both the predecessors and the successors but there are certain things, especially in the pop-culture that completely define the starter pack of a 90s child; one such phenomenon is lullabies. We’re probably the last generation who were put to sleep to lullabies and so, these songs are the most nostalgic part of our childhood. Here are the 5 most common South Asian lullabies that we’ve grown up listening.

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Lakdi Ki Kaathi

Probably the most famous kids song in South Asia, Lakdi Ki Kaathi is from an Indian classic, Masoom. Almost every 90s baby has been rocked to this tune!
Fun Fact: Two of the kids in this song grew up to be big stars of Bollywood! Guess who?

Nani Teri Morni Ko Mor Le Gaye

Another song from the other side of the border, Nani Teri Morni Ko Mor Le Gaye is an ultra adorable lullaby that almost every 90s kid has slept. Your relation with Nani couldn’t be described any better! Take a look!

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Chanda Mama Door Ke

Most of you would have heard the latest version of it in babies food advertisement but honestly, its an embarrassment in front of the original. Chanda Mama Door Ke is one of the most soothing South Asian lullabies I have ever come across. I can still feel my eyes shutting at the sound of it and not out of boredom but because of the sheer calm that it brings.


Do Akhiyaan Yeh Do Sakhiyaan

Composed by the legendary Sohail Rana Sahab and sung by Ahmed Rushdi & Irene Perveen, Do Akhiyaan Yeh Do Sakhiyaan has the most fun video featuring Waheed Murad. Watch it for yourself!


Ek Mera Chaand Ek Mera Tara

From a Pakistani classic Shukriya, Ek Mera Chaand Ek Mera Tara is sung by Nasim Begum. It has to be one of the most soothing South Asian lullabies ever composed and hence, had been sung to children for centuries before their bedtime.

Do you remember any other lullaby from your childhood? Let us know in the comments!

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