You’re A Certified Petty Person If You Do These 5 Things!

Petty Person
Image Source: Mangobaaz

A petty person is the one who makes a fuss over littlest of things and then, takes pleasure in all the ensuing drama instead of despising it. Such a person is the biggest pain in the back for the people around them and you must do everything that you can to ensure if you’re onto the course already of becoming one. Here are the five things that make you a certified petty person and you must do everything in your capacity to not to be one!

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1. You remember every little detail and you use that information to create issues around them. Finding occasions to fight and not letting go of them is your favorite hobby! In short, you OVER-THINK & OVER-REACT!

2. You feel vindictive to the extent that you wait for the other person to wrong you so that you can get back on them someday!

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3. You keep grudges like people keep souvenirs – with great care and nourishment!

4. You think you’re always right and never accept your mistake!

5. You can go on and on until the other person surrenders because you always need to have the last word!

Being friends with a petty person is a very tiring task as you need to take care of minor details in order to not to upset them. This is the reason why people tend to run away from such toxic personalities. Moreover, petty people eventually bring negativity to their own lives and disturb their own peace of mind by overthinking useless issues. All these traits are counterproductive and you must seek help if you indulge in such behavior!

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