How Twitter Reacted to Trump and His Afghan Policy Announcement

Donald Trump
Donald Trump looks into the sky during solar eclipse.

President Donald Trump announced an updated Afghan policy today in which he has backtracked from his promise to quickly end US wars across the globe. Apart from clearing way for more deployment of troops in the region he also criticized Pakistan for providing safe haven to “agents of chaos” and has expressed his desire for India to help more.

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The development is among top trends on twitter and this is how twitterati have responded to the announcement.

Colin Kahl‏ wondered how the strategy would help and why it makes little sense.

David Rothkopf was a little more philosophical while explaining what he was able to comprehend.

Someone just had to be skeptical.

Fakhr-e-Alam perhaps makes more sense than anyone else.

Abdul Basit actually summed up the whole debate from Pakistan’s perspective.

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