This Unsung Hero is Providing Free Education to Poor Children in Rural Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Support Amir Gamaryani and his Sabawoon Education Academy

The term “SABAWOON,” literally stands for “…a symbol of bright future” in Pashto literature. It is most commonly used symbolically as “Peaceful future” or “A future without violence and injustice.”

It was with this vision that Abdul Baqi (popularly known as Amir Gamaryani in the literary forums of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), came established a school at grass roots level, where quality education could be cascaded down to rural communities.  He envisioned to create and provide an environment to the rural or educationally deprived children where quality education is ensured given the evolving characteristics of child development.

Abdul Baqi or Amir Gamaryani hails from Nowshera district. Once a humanitarian professional with one of Pakistan’s leading relief and rehabilitation organizations, Gamaryani dedicated more than 12 years of his professional life to humanitarian assistance in disaster struck areas of the country. However, still wanting to do more, he eventually took a leap of faith and abandoned his professional career to become a social entrepreneur in 2013.

His vision to bring social cohesion and peace through education is what distinctly signifies his approach towards community development. With the establishment of a co-education school, i.e. Sabawoon Education Academy in essentially a rural area speaks high of his ambition to provide quality education regardless of gender considerations.

Currently, Sabawoon Education Academy is in its third year of operation with approximately 150 students from Playgroup to 7th grade. Each year the school adds an additional grade to accommodate its existing students and take in new admissions from the area.

Out of these children, approximately 45% of the students are financially supported, i.e. they are receiving free education through the school’s “Sponsor a Child” program.

This year the school has set a target to enroll 40 underprivileged children. “We keep receiving lots of requests from poor families but don’t have the resources to accommodate all the children,” shares Amir Gamaryani. “So far we only have 4 sponsors this year and our target is to enroll at least 40 children from underprivileged backgrounds. This means we need at least 36 more sponsors to meet our desired target.”

Anyone from within or outside Pakistan can sponsor a child by providing an annual donation of Rs. 12,000/- ($120) to Sabawoon Education Academy. For the sake of stability donors are encouraged to provide donations that would cover a child’s education for at least 4 years. This would sum up to Rs. 48,000/- or approximately $480.

If you’re a philanthropist looking to share your donation with a reliable source to benefit humanity, please join hands with Amir Gamaryani and his mission to educate children in rural Khyber Pukhtunkhwa.

Support Amir Gamaryani and his Sabawoon Education Academy