Hasan Ali Praises Teammate Shaheen Afridi

Hasan Ali Shaheen Afridi
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In an recent interview, pacer Hasan Ali praised Shaheen Afridi for maintaining excellent fitness. He also explained how the catch that he had dropped during the T20 World Cup still haunts him.

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Hasan Ali Impressed With Shaheen Afridi

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While talking about Shaheen the 27 year old said, “Shaheen Shah Afridi is an exceptional bowler. I see a hunger to succeed in his eyes and a passion to perform to his best and to me he is the fittest man in Pakistan who can bowl and field with the same enthusiasm all day long.”

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Hasan Ali, Hasan Ali Shaheen Afridi
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On the other hand while explaining how the dropped catch during the T20 World cup has had a negative impact on him Hasan said, “That dropped catch in the semi-final against Australia did give me nightmares for a couple of nights. I was in deep shock and felt very low for letting the side down at that point and couldn’t figure out how and why I dropped that catch. Especially given that as an individual and a team we trained very hard on our fielding-so it was a tough pill to swallow for me.

“Of course, for me, it’s more painful because I feel that people have started to hate me and started believing that I am incapable of playing for Pakistan. But then this is the strange thing about cricket because in our practice sessions during that tournament, I caught close to 500 catches without dropping any.”