Haleema Amin Becomes A Victim Of Bahria University’s Incompetence & Pakistanis Want Justice For The Lost Soul

haleema bahria university

A female student Haleema Amin died after falling from the fourth floor of an under construction building at Bahria University.

The building was still under construction & not safe

The students of the university are saying that the building was under construction and was not fit to be used for classes.

The building was opened on 11 September with limited facilities and there were no warning signs placed around the construction area.

Haleema Amin, was in the second semester of her bachelors degree at Bahria University.

How did the incident take place?

Haleema, along with her friends went to the the balcony on the fourth floor that had no fencing. According to sources, she stepped on an opening covered by a paper and fell down.

The university administration took her to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). She was conscious at the time, but had suffered multiple fractures. She was then shifted to CMH where she was kept under observation.

Haleema passed away at CMH on the same afternoon.

Is the university trying to brush the incident under the carpet?

Margalla police was informed by the university administration that Haleema was trying to take a selfie when she slipped.

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The police said that they were denied access to examine the scene of the incident by the university administration. The administration said that university would conduct its own inquiry and then inform the police.

Pakistanis turned to Twitter to express their outrage at the negligence of Bahria University


#JusticeForHaleema started trending on Twitter as people demand that university be held accountable for taking classes in an under-construction building.


Students of Bahria university organized a protest to demand justice for their fellow student.