Hajj 2020: Saudi Arabia Finally Announced The Details Of Pilgrimage Amid Coronavirus

saudi arabia hajj 2020
Source:The Guardian

Muslims all over the world have been debating whether Hajj 2020 should be carried out as the Covid-19 pandemic still isn’t under control. Public gatherings are banned across the globe to ensure safety of the citizens and in a gathering as huge as Hajj it would be next to impossible for the Saudi administration to ensure adherence to the health-related SOPs.

In view of this predicament, the government of Saudi Arabia announced on Monday that Hajj 2020 will be very limited.

This year’s Hajj will be inside closed borders and only the residents of Saudi Arabia will be allowed to perform the pilgrimage.

More than 2.5 million people performed Hajj in 2019. Considering the huge number of pilgrims the only way to allow Hajj 2020 while taking measures for public safety was by  limiting the number of attendees altogether.

The announcement of limited Hajj 2020 was taken very positively by Muslims all across.

There were prayers for the pandemic to recede and for Muslims from around the world to once again gather at Kaa’ba in 2021.

And while the heart ache is real for many Muslims, there’s also a sense of relief that even with a limited capacity, at least Hajj 2020 will still be performed.

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In the past too, the pilgrimage had been in times of pandemics.

And while the measure to limit Hajj attendance this year was very understandable, the disappointment for those who were due to visit the holy Kaa’ba in 2020 is equally inevitable.

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