From Afghan Refugee To Football Hero And Beyond: Nadia Nadim Is A Complete BADASS!

Nadia Nadim football
Image Source: FPJ, Instagram

Withstanding hardships and coming out better and stronger is what makes you a warrior. Nadia Nadim is one such warrior — a football hero, a philanthropist, and a doctor! She is one hell of a woman and a total badass!

Now a striker for the Racing Louisville football club, Nadim was born in the city of Herat, where she was raised by her mother and father together. She was only eleven when her father, who was serving in the Afghan national army, was murdered by Taliban in Afghanistan.

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Following the unfortunate event, Nadia fled to Denmark with her family. While revisiting those painful days, Nadia on refugee day exclaimed,

A huge number of refugees have nowhere to live, nowhere to go, nothing to eat … This isn’t a pleasant journey, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else.

Despite unfavorable circumstances, she beat all odds to become a winner; an inspiration for millions across the globe. She says she hates losing, and we can definitely see that.

From the girl who lost her father in juvenility to flying from her home country, Nadia Nadim went on to become a football star, completed medicine, and learned how to speak ELEVEN languages!

Wow, is there something she can’t do?

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She dreams big and wants to achieve great things in life. As a football player for the national team, she feels sports can help immigrants better blend into their new societies.

From being an asylum seeker to becoming the first foreign-born football player in the Danish national team, Nadim’s story speaks volumes of integration and victory. She has even earned a spot in The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a champion for girls’ and women’s education because she campaigned for gender equality in sport.

She is absolutely amazing and certainly a role model for everyone, not just women!

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