Pakistanis Facepalmed So Bad After Fahad Mustafa Tried To School The Youth On Drug Consumption

Fahad Mustafa gives two cents on drugs
Image Source: Galaxy Lollywood/Twitter

Pakistanis had a major facepalm moment when actor Fahad Mustafa took to Twitter to share his two cents on the issue of consumption of drugs among the youth in the country and worldwide.

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His statement has come after the recent arrest of King Khan’s son, Aryan Khan, who was caught allegedly having drugs near a coast in Mumbai. To address the youth of his country, the Main Abdul Qadir hoon actor penned his thoughts about the cause to guide the masses about the repercussions of doing narcotics.

This is what he had to say:

“Drugs are really damaging our youth and are so easily available in schools colleges and universities our government needs to check on this and as parents it’s ok to keep an eye on children, discipline them tell them to get back home before maghrib. Azaadi ho choot nahi!

His statement, however, backfired as the youth of his country weren’t willing to take his “wise” words on the pressing cause. They immediately responded back to his tweet with their comments, which reflected they weren’t happy with what Mustafa had to say.

He sounded hypocritical to some of the netizens. They commented the entertainment industry was allegedly full of druggies and they were the ones promoting it to the fullest.

Many of them also asked that what had coming back home before Maghrib got to do with doing charas?

There were some people on the internet who asked him to back his comments with facts and research because they weren’t willing to believe him.

Some people tried to tell him that its the system that needs revamping and not the youth. If there’s a proper check and balance then things can be better.

Others just attacked Fahad’s game show to express their anger towards his comment.

It is, however, important to note here that drug addiction is a serious issue and must not be promoted at all, but the way Fahad Mustafa correlated different aspects together made the whole thing sound absurd. Hence that is what caused a major uproar on the bird app.

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