Elections in Canada: Justin Trudeau Wins Second Time But Fails To Form Majority In The Parliament

Justin Trudeau election
Source: Reuters

Justin Trudeau got elected for the second time as Prime Minister with his Liberal Party winning 157 seats in 2019 elections in Canada.

“You did it, my friends. Congratulations. Canadians rejected division and negativity. They rejected cuts and austerity, and they voted in favor of a progressive agenda and strong action on climate change.”

Justin Trudeau to his supporters after winning 2019 elections

Justin Trudeau’s party failed to win majority in the parliament

Justin Trudeau won his second election but was not able to win the majority government as his party failed to pass the mark of 170 parliament seats.

Trudeau’s charm failed to work this time?

In 2015 elections, Canadians were tired of a long Conservative rule and Trudeau was a symbol of hope and change. But 4 years later, Trudeau got tangled in a number of controversies which pushed him down the popularity ladder.

During the election campaign, past photos of the Prime Minister wearing blackface at different occasions emerged hurting racial sentiment.

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Also, in early 2019, he pressured his attorney general, Jody Wilson to not prosecute SNC-Lavalin, a company facing corruption charges. Trudeau said he made this move because he feared unemployment.

Jody Wilson resigned and was then expelled from the Liberal party. The move was criticized because it was in contradiction with Justin’s idea of women rights.

A gain for the Conservatives?

The Conservatives impressed in this election with winning 22 seats more than 2015 election. They won a total of 121 seats.

They also won the popular vote, claiming 34.4 percent over the Liberals’ 33.1 percent.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer even said that his party is “the government in waiting.”

Coalition government

Liberal party now needs the support of smaller parties such as New Democratic Party (NDP) to pass legislation.

Elections in Canada: World leaders congratulated Justin Trudeau


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison congratulated Trudeau and said he would look forward to working with him.