Hello Darkness My Old friend – Distressed Citizens Take To Twitter To Rant About #Loadshedding In Summers

Image source: Twitter, DAWN

Pakistanis are upset over long hours of unannounced #loadshedding in different parts of the country, and as the only resort, they have taken to Twitter to vent out about this nainsafi (pun intended) in the sweltering heat.

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On the other hand, residents of Bahria Town in Rawalpindi will experience six hours of power cuts daily from today (30th June) onwards as the housing society has failed to clear its outstanding dues worth 608 million rupees.

According to reports, there’s a shortfall of 5,000 MW across the country, which has led to these frequent power cuts.

As the mercury level has risen to 42 degrees, the heat is getting intolerable, and on top of that, this load-shedding is a bit too much.


According to weather reports, the temperature in different parts of north and south Punjab will continue to soar. Considering that, medical professionals have advised people to avoid exposing themselves to the Sun and keep themselves hydrated.

Moreover, they have instructed laborers working outdoors to complete their work as early as possible to avoid getting heatstroke.

Since there were no power cuts in major parts of the country for quite some time, people had gotten used to the ‘new normal.’ Now that the power outage has made a comeback, people are reminded of the old days, where electricity used to be absent for at least 8 hours a day.

Hence, they have a lot to say!

Some of the disturbed citizens have questions to ask.

While others are doing what they do best – make memes!

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