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A Newspaper Confused MQM Leader Aamir Khan With His Bollywood Namesake & Basically, HILARIOUS!

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What appears to be a case of mistaken identity, a Pakistani news outlet confused Bollywood actor Aamir Khan with the leader of the Haqiqi breakaway faction of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). The political leader is Aamir Khan’s namesake.

The newspaper, published the picture of the Bollywood superstar alongside the story about MQM’s co-founder, Amir Khan who had been released on bail after 17 years in a murder case.

Journalist Naila Inayat pointed out the blunder which went viral on Twitter.

Twitterati had all sorts of reactions after the picture of Aamir Khan, the actor made it to the final print instead of the MQM leader!

The blunder became the butt of hilarious jokes.


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Some even made hilarious memes around this mistake.


Truly fascinating stuff indeed!


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The unforgiving types were grimly somber in their criticism of the newspaper.

What are your thoughts on this blunder by a Pakistani newspaper? Share your views in the comments below!