Despite Sexual Harassment Allegations, Ali Zafar’s PSL Song “Mela Loot Liya” Is A HIT

PSL 5 anthem | Ali Zafar PSL Song
Source: ProPakistani

Ali Zafar released his own PSL song on Sunday and it has crossed the mark of two million views on Twitter already.

The new PSL song released by Ali Zafar titled Mela Loot Liya has reached two million views in less than 24 hours despite sexual harassment allegations against the singer.

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The singer took to Twitter to share the song with a caption that read,”Bhai has fulfilled his promise that he made to his fans.”

As soon as the song was released, Twitterati started to compare it with the official PSL anthem Tayyar Hain.

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While many are rooting for the PSL song version released by Ali Zafar…

…there are still those who think the official anthem was much better than Mela Loot Liya!

People are also skeptical about the number of views on YouTube as initially the stats painted a rather dubious picture.

Pakistanis couldn’t keep themselves from making hilarious memes around the song.

A Pakistani meme can never go out of context without a political reference and here you go…!

And obviously people couldn’t leave Ali Azmat out of it!

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People also trolled Ali Zafar for creating all the hype before releasing Mela Loot Liya!

Oh and people didn’t forget to give Waseem Badami his due credit as he started the whole new PSL song debate in the first place.

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And also conducted a poll on Twitter asking people whether Ali Zafar should release new song on his own or not!