Daren Sammy Just Called Peshawar Zalmi His Baby & Dude Can He Get Any Cuter?!

daren sammy | javed afridi
Source: Geo.tv

Undoubtedly, the most beloved foreign player in Pakistan Super League (PSL) is Daren Sammy!

A couple of days back, he tweeted a rather obscure tweet sending his fans in a frenzy!


The Tweet that read, “I’ve learnt that you are important until you’ve completed your role” made people think that he is having a hard time with his franchise.

Well, obviously people were baffled and thought that their favorite player is having a tough time here in Pakistan!

Also, Twitter fam reminded him that ghum hour starts at 1am wondering he might not know desi norms on the bird app!

Some even pulled his leg saying how in no time he adapted the art of “subtweeting.”


Now, this whole debate came as a shock to our favorite cricketer and he again rushed to Twitter to clear the air.

“Are u guys serious Peshawar Zalmi is my baby and nothing comes between us,” wrote the star while calling Javed Afridi his brother.

Oh my gosh.. cute right! We just can’t stop stanning Daren Sammy!


Javed Afridi didn’t hold back and bonded with his forever bestie offering him “another drive through Islamabad!”

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And today, he met Imran Khan who congratulated Sammy on receiving honorary Pakistani citizenship and praised him for playing his role in helping in reviving international cricket in the country.

And guess what? PM gave him special immunity from taxes!