COVID BUSTERS: A Game-based Interactive Learning Experience To Defeat The Coronavirus

COVID Busters
Image Source: Google Play Store, IRC

COVID Busters is a game-based learning experience launched by the International Rescue Committee (IRC), the European Commission, and Viamo.

Image Source: IRC

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This game, which has been designed for children between the ages of 6 – 10 years uses interactive game elements to teach youngsters ways to defend themselves, their families, and friends against COVID-19.

What is the game about?

The main and only character of the game is Dr. Saira. She navigates the players through different levels of the game.

Dr. Saira in COVID Busters
Image Source: Screengrab from the COVID Busters game

At each level, the players get to learn how to safely go about their daily lives and chores without contracting the virus. So, for instance, whether it’s grocery shopping, traveling to work on public transport, or visiting elderly relatives, COVID Busters is a fun way to completely internalize pandemic protection protocols!

Dr. Saira also makes the game’s young players learn about protective measures to stay safe while attending school. For instance, players are taught how to have their lunch during recess, and why keeping a mask on for the rest of the time at school is important.

COVID Busters – Game Levels

There are five levels in this game. Before starting the journey to different places, the players have to ensure that they put their masks on, and the sanitizer is with them in their bag.

The game levels
Image Source: Screengrab from the COVID Busters app

The beginning of each level includes guidelines from the doctor about what each level entails.

On some levels, you have to pick the right options while the others are activity-based stages.

Level in the game
Image Source: Screengrab from COVID Busters app

At the end of each level, there is a lesson for the player, which is for them to keep during these COVID times.

The more the player gets the options right, the happier Dr. Saira is and she appreciates you for having knowledge about COVID-19 and its SOPs.

The last stage of the game enables the gamers to take care of themselves and others from the virus.

Sounds & Visuals

COVID Buster is an interactive, activity-based, educational game for young people. The visuals are appealing, and since it is a reality-based game, playing it is a very relatable experience. The music is entertaining, which keeps your spirits up throughout the game.

Sound and Visuals in the game
Image Source: Screengrab from COVID Busters app

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