COVID-19: Fake Dettol Products Are Being Sold In Islamabad & Beware!


In Islamabad, people have been reporting the shortage of hand sanitizers and a sudden spike n their prices.

Now, a netizen took to Twitter to report that fake Dettol products are being sold in Islamabad.

As per the details shared by the citizen, Sauda Sulf, located in the F-11 sector is selling fraud products under the name of Dettol.

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Upon asking the shopkeeper the netizen was told that, “it’s fake but of good quality.”

The products include hand sanitizers, wipes and soaps.

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If you’re buying Dettol products, be sure to check all the details. The copy is being sold under the name “Dattol” so check the spellings. Also, ask the shopkeeper before if you sense any change in the packaging of the products.

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People are demanding the authorities to take action against these products in the time when they are high in demand.

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