Candidly Yours | Episode 10 | NATASHA BAIG


Bolo Jawan is back with this year’s edition of Candidly Yours and our first guest of the year is none other than Natasha Baig!

Natasha Baig, a voice hailing from Hunza, is one of the very few female Sufi Rock singers in the country who got her first shot at fame through her outstanding performance in a music show by Cornetto in 2013. There’s been looking back for the young singer since then!

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From singing for big banner films like Janaan and Saath Din Mohabbat In, to collaborating with the likes of Mai Dhai, Natasha achieved many milestones in a very short span of time. But Baig got the recognition she deserves when she finally made her Coke Studio debut last year with Allama Iqbal’s famous Kalaam, Shikwa/Jawab-e-Shikwa and won hearts right, left and center for standing her own amidst stars as overwhelming as Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad.

Since then, all eyes are on Natasha Baig and the next big thing she creates for Sufi Rock lovers in Pakistan!

So, where do WE enter the scene?

Bolo Jawan was at the launch of Ms. Baig’s latest collaboration with Karim Barolia, Ho Mian that is already receiving a lot of love from the audience. We sat with the rockstar after the event and got to know the real Natasha Baig in a very candid chat.

On asking about how she’s dealt with all the appreciation that has come her way after her Coke Studio debut, Natasha told us her experience has been beyond beautiful and she cherishes the sweet memory.

Things got real when we talked about money making in the business and yes, the scope of Sufi Rock genre in Pakistan.

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Enough with our stories; you go and watch Bolo Jawan’s tête-à-tête with Natasha Baig in the latest episode of Candidly Yours NOW!

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