Avian Influenza Virus Emerging In China: Here’s What You Need To Know

avian influenza virus china
Image Source: NYT/BBC

A man in China contracted a strain of the rare Avian influenza virus and was hospitalized in April this year, the Chinese authorities reported.


Not many details have been revealed about the intensity of the strain or its complications, but it is commonly being called the H10N3 virus. However, officials reported that it is not easily transmissible from humans to humans.

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According to multiple media reports, the man in Jiangsu province of China is the first globally reported case of the rare influenza virus.

How the man came into contact with the virus is not yet clear and the details of it haven’t been made public.

China’s National Health Commission (NHC) said that the first-ever Avian influenza virus patient developed fever and showed some other symptoms. He was hospitalized five days later, but the recent reports detailed that he’s stable now and ready to be discharged.

No human cases of H10N3 have been reported in the world. This case is an occasional poultry-to-human cross-species transmission, and the risk of a large-scale spread is extremely low, the NHC said, according to a Global Times report.

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Even though details of how the person came into contact with the bird virus haven’t been shared, yet cases of bird flu aren’t something unheard of as they have been reported in the past as well.

People who come in close contact with poultry usually contract such viruses. The Chinese authorities have advised the public to avoid close contact with dead and sick poultry, especially chickens.


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