The Aerial Exercises At Aman 2021 Were Literally Jaw-dropping!

aerial exercises aman 2021
Image Source: Twitter

The aerial exercises conducted at the AMAN 2021, which concluded on Tuesday were a sight to see.

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Pakistan Navy hosted the multinational maritime exercise, which was attended by naval forces of 45 countries this year. The exercise is conducted once every two years at the Arabian Sea to promote peace and security at the seas for positive human activity.

The attendees witnessed the International Fleet Review (IFR) featuring operational maneuvers, drills, and a flypast by the Pakistan Navy and as well as by Pakistan Air Force.

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As a layperson understanding these things is a bit complicated, unless you’re actually really into this stuff. However, you’ll have to agree that as soon as the video footage of the aerial exercises surfaced on the internet, they were actually quite entertaining to watch, even if you didn’t understand the concept behind them.

The marines here quite literally owning the skies like it’s no big deal. The way they so seamlessly, and also effortlessly jump out of the aircraft makes one go like…whoa!

Also, that dramatic wave though! Someone like me would have only been concerned about my belt and rope being secure.

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Look at the leader of Pakistan Navy Seals team, Commander Abrar carrying the Pakistani flag at the AMAN exercise 2021. A total work of art! Managing this so flawlessly, despite Karachi’s winds is actually a job well done!

Totally a jaw-drop moment seeing the Marines from all over the world touching the ground at Karachi.


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