A Girl Just Shared A Video Of Men Harassing Her Sisters In Islamabad & WTH?!

Men Harassing Girl Islamabad
Via Twitter

A girl, Komal Saeed shared a video of two men following and harassing her sisters in Islamabad on Twitter.

As per the details shared by the girl, two men followed her sisters from G-10 to G-13 in Islamabad. The girls were on their way back home when these men began harassing them in broad daylight.


After ignoring them for 15 minutes, one of the girls took out her mobile to record the incident – because yes proof!

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But apparently, instead of discouraging the harassers from bothering them further, the video making “offended” them!

Within minutes of realizing that they were being taped, the man driving the car began edging the Careem in which the sisters sat.

Eventually, the two harassers were able to force the Careem to stop and beat up the Captain.

The girls contacted 15 promptly but all they could do was ask them minutes later if they had reached home safely!

Komal, attached the details of her sisters’ Careem Captain and the route of their trip and demanded from DC Islamabad to take action against these men.

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Fellow netizens also jumped in and provided the details linked to the vehicle registration number provided by Komal.

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DC Islamabad, Muhammed Hamza Shafqaat, assured the netizen that “action will be taken” against the harassers.

So far there has been no update on the case. However, Bolo Jawan will keep you posted as further developments take place.

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