8 Moments Of Joy And Despair From The World Cup Final

Epic Final Of The ICC World Cup, Moments Of Joy And Despair From The World Cup Final
Image Source: Michael Steele/Getty Images

Whether or not you’re satisfied with the outcome of the ICC World Cup final; it is undeniable that New Zealand and England both gave us, cricket junkies, an extremely thrilling game which had us on edge until the very end. It’s sad to see the 2019 World Cup come to an end nevertheless, we can always look back at the captivating highs and lows of the tournament. So, here is a look at 8 moments of joy and despair from the world cup final.

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England’s First!

Let’s start off on a high note with a picture of England’s captain Eoin Morgan relishing his victory. You can see the gleam of happiness in his eyes as he finally becomes the first England captain ever to win the ICC World Cup trophy.


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Ben Stokes The Conqueror! 

Ben Stokes undoubtedly contributed to England’s win in the World Cup final – something that allowed him the title of Player of The Match. He fought tooth and nail to get his team to victory and this picture clearly shows that Stokes was satisfied after his hard work paid off!

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Agony For New Zealand!

This photograph really makes us feel for the Black Caps. The entire team appears to be disappointed to say the very least and captain Kane Williamson looks grief-stricken along with his other teammates Boult, Grandhomme and Guptill.

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England’s Joy

The first time ever that England were crowned as the world champions of cricket and their pure joy is depicted in this photo.

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England Can’t Celebrate Enough And That Is Understandable

Another moment of celebration as the England team celebrate with their captain! 

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True Sportsmanship!

A beautiful moment captured! Batsmen Guptill and Neesham grieved after failing to make the 16 runs required of them in the super over. However, English boys stepped forward to console the Black Caps!


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The Nail-biter That It Was!

English boys go ecstatic after the nail-biter finally ends with the run out of MJ Guptill. 

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Why Williamson Is A Thorough Gentleman

This one picture of New Zealand captain Williamson has been circulating the internet. The sportsman smiles through the defeat, even though it is pretty obvious that he is hurt!


Have we missed out on something? Share with us if you can recall more moments of joy and despair from the world cup final.