7 Important Tips To Stay Productive If You’re Still Working From Home

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Image Source: ProPakistani

It goes without saying that working from home is a difficult task during these troubled times because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Have no fear, nothing is impossible! If you are unable to stay productive, unable to focus and not able to perform well then the tips below might just help you get back in the game!

Here are 7 important tips to stay productive while working from home!

1. Make your home an office!

I believe the most important factor behind low productivity is the environment of one’s home. So, if that’s posing a challenge for you too, you need to change that immediately.

Set-up a small office-like space at home. It does not need to be fancy; you’ll be surprised at the wonders a simple table and a chair can do!


2. Wake up on time!

Not following your regular routine can also cause low productivity. Get up like it’s a normal day, take breakfast, take a shower, get dressed and then start working!


3. It’s not a vacation

Working from home is just a relocation of your office. Deadlines are still deadlines and they are important. It definitely took us all a little time to adjust but no excuse is justified for not completing your pending tasks.


4. Time management

There is very less micromanagement from the bosses during work from home so perform yours tasks timely. Review your daily tasks once before you start them. Complete the easy ones first and then move to the complicated ones.


5. Prioritize

Similar to time management, prioritizing your tasks is also the key to getting work done. Complete the tasks as soon as you can and give special attention to the urgent and time sensitive tasks.


6. Take breaks

Increasing productivity doesn’t mean you have to be in front of your computer all the time. Take breaks, get some fresh air and then dive right back into your work.


7. Be thankful

Countless people are losing jobs and closing down businesses due to the lockdown. Be thankful if you still have a job and perform your tasks with honesty. Trust me! Your boss knows when you are being lazy or causing intentional delays.

What are your favourite tips to stay productive while working from home? Share them in the comments below!