If You’re Working From Home, These 5 Struggles Will Feel Mighty Real

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Source: Branded Girls

If you’re a professional working from home, these 5 struggles that I have been will definitely resonate with you too!

1. It’s an illusion

No matter what they say and no matter how many tasks are completed, it just doesn’t feel like work at all! Seriously, no office table or cubical, no drive to work, not getting ready early in the morning…how is this work at all?!


2. The tea and coffee

Many of us are used to having our tea and coffee in offices at regular intervals. While working from home, the struggle is real. You have to make tea/coffee yourself, ensure to wash the cup and pot again so you can have another cup later. I must sound terribly spoiled but this is just too much effort!


3. The constant interruptions

I can’t even begin to explain how annoying being interrupted is!

The family thinks you’re just using the laptop to be on social media and conveniently expect you to do house chores!

Then there are the never ending door bells – oh how I hate the door bells!

It’s called work-FROM-home people, not work-FOR-home!


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4. No office gossip to savour

Even with people in the house, one does miss one’s colleagues and the daily dose of office gossip that they come with! How I miss dissing m boss with my colleagues…no matter what someone says, it’s just not the same on the phone!


5. Communication issues

Well, this one takes the cake. Most of the tasks assigned while working from home are given over conference calls, messages and voice notes. Let’s be very honest, it’s easy to lose track with communique coming from all sorts of virtual channels, making it hard to prioritize, resulting in much lower productivity.


Work from home is bad. Period. I don’t like it. You don’t like. Nobody likes it. But it’s the sane thing to do right now, so here’s hoping the coronavirus pandemic ends soon so we can all return to our normal lives!

Are you also working from home? What struggles are you facing while working from home? Share them in the comments below!