5 PTV News Anchors: THEN And NOW!

PTV News Anchors

PTV News has been around for as long as we can remember. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a whole generation has grown up watching these PTV news anchors. Here’s how they look now! 

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1. Ishrat Fatima

PTV News Anchors

Ishrat Fatima is one face that certainly goes through one’s mind when we talk about PTV’s golden era. The news anchor works at Radio Pakistan now and has a very active twitter handle as well. 

2. Masroor Kazmi

PTV News Anchors

We cannot forget Masroor Kazmi’s name while enlisting PTV news anchors. The gentleman’s voice and expressions have only gotten better with time.


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3. Shaista Zaid

PTV News Anchors

Shaista Zaid retired from her successful career of PTV news anchor after 40 years of service. We still miss her on screen!

4. Khalid Hameed BaigPTV News Anchors

One of the few PTV news anchors who continue to grace us with their presence, Khalid Hameed Baig now works for VOA.

5. Saba Faisal

PTV News Anchors

Then an anchor and now a celebrated actress, Saba Faisal has indeed come a long way and it seems like she is aging backward. 

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