3-Year-Old Kashmiri Child Witnessing The Murder Of His Grandfather Raises Questions On The Role Of UN

kashmiri grandfather
Source: NewsPakWeb

The disputed territory of Kashmir was thrust into a black hole after India’s Hindu nationalist government revoked the special status granted under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Since then, the region remains at the hands of Indian armed forces hellbent on violating every human right to fulfill its supremacist agenda.

Only yesterday, heart-wrenching pictures of a Kashmiri child sitting atop the corpse of grandfather shook the human conscious to its core.

An elderly Kashmiri civilian was reportedly killed by Indian forces in north Kashmir’s Sopore town on Wednesday.

Gory pictures of a Kashmiri a grandfather lying on the ground soaked in blood, while his 3-year-old traumatized grandson sat next to his dead body and strolled around the Indian soldiers, went viral on social media.The elderly man aged, 65 was later identified as Bashir Ahmed by the media.

The family of the deceased say that Bashir Ahmed had gone to the bank to cash a cheque and on the way he was dragged out of his car and then shot mercilessly in front of his grandchild.

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After outrage began pouring out on digital media, Indian security forces claimed that Ahmed was killed in a crossfire when Kashmiri insurgents attacked them in Sopore district.

On the other hand, Indian media has by and large adopted the state narrative, writing off the outcry as orchestrated propaganda to malign India’s global image.

The Kashmiri grandfather’s death is the latest among the many atrocities that Kashmiris face on a daily basis.

It goes without saying that the gross human rights violations taking place in Indian Occupied Kashmir are in complete contravention of the UN Security Council resolutions and the Geneva Convention. Inevitably then, the continued use of brute force against unarmed civilians in the disputed territory poses a huge question mark on the role of the United Nations as the world’s watchdog.

The deafening silence of the UN each time visuals of gross human rights violations surface from Indian Occupied Kashmir have left many feeling alienated.


The heart-breaking image took many people years back when a similar incident in Palestine had shaken the world.

India currently has over 500,000 troops stationed in the disputed territory of Kashmir making it the most militarized zone in the world.