3 Pakistani Politicians Who Can Tickle Your Funny Bone


Extreme poverty, terrorism, poor provision of basic human rights and cross-border tension are amongst those issues that go onto haunt the life of a common Pakistani every other day. Still, only a few days back on television I saw members of a provincial assembly during a session, discussing why and how the use of bhang (an edible form of cannabis) can be of benefit!

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The incident influenced me into writing this article. I write to find out top 3 Pakistani politicians who can effortlessly tickle your funny bone.

3. Sheikh Rashid

A prominent leader from opposition Sheikh Rashid of Rawalpindi, Punjab is one such politician who can make you laugh even when he is in the middle of doing some routine stuff. Here is a look at a video of his that explains what I won’t be able to in words.

2. Aslam Khan Raisani

Aslam Khan Raisani rose to fame after becoming the Chief Minister of Baluchistan in 2008. However, it was not owing to his administrative abilities but his habit of coming up with something funny during public gatherings that allowed for him to become famous.

1. Syed Qaim Ali Shah

The veteran politician and the former Chief Minister of Sindh, Syed Qaim Ali Shah requires no introduction. Here is a video to show how he kept it simple and made people laugh with ease.


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There is no way that only one video would do justice to his tenure during which we were blessed with quite a few memorable moments. So, let’s wind up with a video that says it all!