3 Conditions That Should Apply To Every Pakistani Contesting Elections

Shabaz Sharif coming out from metro bus lahore
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Democracy in Pakistan has always been the victim of a series of unfortunate events. It has either been derailed by repeated military coups or has been damaged by those very people who claim to be its torchbearers.

The inherent corruption in the ranks of our civilian leadership has further left the masses alienated.

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As a citizen, frankly, I have had enough of Pakistani politicians and their tall claims over the last decade or so. They promise development and prosperity but often leave behind a legacy of bad governance once in power.

With general elections due next year I would love for the policy makers to come up with certain restrictions so that people in charge have little choice but to work for the betterment of important sectors in the country.

If it were left for me to decide, I would put these 3 rather radical restrictions on all those who aspire to lead us, the common citizens.

Traveling by Public Transport Only

All MNAs and MPAs should not be allowed to travel by road through any other means but public transport. Anyone who fails to respect the law should be disqualified immediately.

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The suggestion might sound absurd. However, if implemented, it would serve two very important purpose.

Firstly, such a will force the people managing different governing bodies in the country to pay attention to the depleting condition of roads. This might just lead to a swift improvement in the condition and network of our roads

Secondly, this would also help improve the law and order situation. Because of course, for an “important person” to use public transport, there will have to be a conducive security environment.

It is only if this step is taken will our ruling elite be able to comprehend the vulnerability a common person faces while traveling from one area to another.

Primary and Secondary Level Schooling in Public Sector Institutions Only

Similarly, all MNAs and MPAs should only be considered eligible to contest the general elections if their children are enrolled in public sector institutions for primary and secondary education.

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This is the only way politicians in the country can be forced to improve the existing state of the education sector and allocate sufficient funds for fundamental facilities (such as toilets!) that a lot of our schools particularly, in the rural areas lack.

Hospitalization in Pakistan Only

Finally, all MNAs and MPAs following their appointment should only be allowed hospitalization within the country.

Sounds really bad, right?

Well, these guys keep saying they are willing to sacrifice their lives for Pakistan. So, either they improve the existing numbers and facilities of Pakistani hospitals or “sacrifice their lives” getting treated in Pakistani hospitals. I think there’s nothing unfair about this!

As I wind up I wonder, how many Pakistani politicians would really be interested in the next general elections even if one of the above conditions is actually put in place?!