20 Of the Most Hilarious Reactions To iPhone 11 From Around The World

reactions to iphone 11

Apple launched iPhone 11 last evening. As is the norm with Apple products, their new smartphone’s launch was a global spectacle with millions awaiting to see its first look. Very soon, the internet was flooding with the images of the new smart device with the three cameras at the back especially attracting a lot of attention.

Needless to say, people had all sorts of reactions to iPhone 11 – most of them downright hilarious!

1. This guy had a good point to make about the three cameras at the back of iPhone 11.

2. Bowling balls…interesting comparison, no?

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3. Apple just walked right into this one!

4. Questions! Questions! So many questions!

5. This Pakistani dude spoke for all of us when he said this šŸ‘‡


6. That sounds about right!

7. We feel your pain, brotha!

8. One of the many plausible reactions to iPhone 11 that Jobs might have right now!

9. Call my sense of humour lame but the iGhareeb pun makes me šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£


10. iPhone 11, inspired from nature…?


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11. Siri…when will you ever learn to be helpful?

12. Desi sense of humour at its best!


13. Here’s another comparison that’s spot on!


14. O…sh*t!


15. He speaks for all of us when he says this!


16. O yeah…remember fidget spinners?


17. This guy wanted to say a lot of things in one tweet and somehow, it all made sense!


18. This lady has a legit point to make and she’s illustrated her idea with diagrams and all!

19. Awwww…poor baby!

20. Malala has a savage sense of humour and this last tweet on our list is evidence enough!

What do you have to say about iPhone 11 and the reactions that followed? Share your views in the comments below.