10 Tutorials That Can Help You Learn New Life Skills While In Quarantine

life skills Maya Ali
Source: Pakistani Drama Celebrities

Here are 10 tutorials for you to watch and make your quarantine fun by learning new life skills.

1. Men’s haircut

To all men out there, don’t worry about your hair because this tutorial will teach you the basics of a haircut. Just ask someone to help you out while you’re at it!

2. Women’s haircut

Ladies! Thinking about a stylish trim? No need to go to a parlor, just do it yourself!

3. Dying your hair

While we are on the subject of hair, learn to dye your hair at home. It’s easy and inexpensive!

4. Fashion coloring

Are you tired of your boring clothes? Use these tips to steal the show!

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5. Cleaning an iron

Make your mother proud and happy by cleaning that old iron, rusted iron.

6. Learn to bake

Have an interest in baking? Watch this tutorial to easily bake a cake even without an oven.

7. Cleaning utensil stains

Did you ever burn food and had to just throw away the utensil? Don’t worry, there are ways to clean even burnt stains.

8. Cleaning laptop & TV Screens

Is your TV’s or laptop’s screen foggy and has fingerprints all over? Watch this easy solution to have a spotless screen.

9. Gardening

Want to improve your gardening and plantations skills? Here is what you need to do 👇

10. Home decoration

Does your home need improvement with decoration? Start with these simple ideas.

What other life skills tutorials do you recommend? Share your suggestions in the comments below!