10 Things You Should Be Thankful For While Still In Quarantine

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has given us with the opportunity to expand the horizon of our minds. While quarantine and self-isolation has taken a toll at our social lives, the pandemic has also helped us value the things which we were intentionally or unintentionally taking for granted all these years.

We have a lot of time to think and reflect. And while we’re at it, don’t forget to count your blessings if you have at least some of these 10 things to be thankful for while in quarantine!

1. A roof over our heads

The biggest luxury in life and even more important during these troubled time is having a roof over our heads.

2. Having a job

People are losing business and employment all over the world. If you still have a job, value it and be honest to your job.

3. More time with kids

If your work life wasn’t allowing you to spend more time with your children then here is your chance to make up for all that lost time and have some fun while you still can.

4. Family

While being stuck at home, be thankful for being blessed with a family.

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5. Saving money

With close to minimum outing, be happy about all the money you are saving.

Source: US News Money

6. Healthy Food

You have a good chance at fixing your diet and eating healthy. Also, there is nothing better than home cooked food.

7. Internet

You are in isolation and yet connected to the whole world thanks to the internet.


8. Food supplies and daily use items

We are in quarantine but still able to purchase food and daily use items.

9. Helping others

There are many who have the financial means to help out those in need. Be thankful if you are blessed with the opportunity of helping others.


10. Social Distancing

Most importantly, be thankful that even though there isn’t a medical cure for the disease, you can still keep yourself safe from being affected. The impact would have been so much worse if the virus was airborne.

What are you thankful for during quarantine? Share your thoughts in the comments!