10 Posing Tips For Your Next Photo To Make You Look Extra Fab

posing tips sana javed alizeh shah

Wanna make your photos extra dope? We’ve 10 posing tips to make your feed a total smasher!

1. Always check the lighting and turn your face towards the major source of light. Face the sun when shooting outdoors and play with light when indoors.

2. Loosen up your body and don’t get all stiff when the shutter clicks.

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3. Get creative with your hands while trying different positions around your head or face.

4. Don’t shy away from trying different camera angles.

5. You don’t always have to be standing or sitting for a picture. Lay down and rest on ground.

6. When you visit a historic place, don’t face the camera. Let the view do the talking!

7. When posing for full length pictures, standing straight is not an option!

8. Show them lads what’s your mood!

9. Utilize your surroundings as props to brighten up your feed!

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10. Act all crazy and let your inner child out!

Have some more posing tips to add? Share in the comments below!