Tuesday, February 20, 2018


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Khurram Saleem

Khurram Saleem

Remembering George Michael

George Michealvideo
One of the greatest icons of the pop culture of 80's and 90's and truly an idol for the MTV generation is no more...

The Dream Team – My Pakistan ODI XI

Sharjeel Khan – Our very own Sanath Jasuriya This hard-hitting Pakistani batsman has a strike rate of 150 which is the highest for the year...

Is Your Favourite Brand Encouraging Modern Day Slavery?

Is Your Favourite Brand Encouraging Modern Day Slavery?
At the turn of the 19th century slavery and all forms of bonded labor were abolished. At last hundreds of thousands of people across the...

Is It Really Important to Own Expensive Brands?

The author questions impulsive consumerism and the growing need to be associated with expensive brands.
According to diehard Apple fans - iphone is the King of innovation, marketing and design. The latest iphone 7 has introduced many new features...