Monday, February 19, 2018


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Afshar Iqbal

Afshar Iqbal
The author is Islamabad based and his areas of interest include religion, sports, entrepreneurship, advocacy, psychology, media and communications. He blogs at and tweets at @AfsharIqbal (

How to Turn Your Life Around During Crisis

Here is a look at top 3 important things that we all need to know when life becomes difficult.
I am nearly 34 years of age and I am yet to meet a person who has lived that long without going through a...

Pakistan Emerges as No.1 in ICC Test Cricket Rankings

They don’t play Test cricket at home, their openers have never been consistent, they have a long tail that normally doesn’t wag and then...

Traditional employment v/s Entrepreneurship

Traditional Employment vs. Entrepreneurship
You meet a lot of young people in the country who despite possessing sufficient experience, still don’t have the confidence of stepping into the...

How Muslims Preserved Shiv’s Temple In Mansehra

Shiv Temple After Renovation
In 1830 Raja of Jammu constructed a Shiv Temple as an act of devotion in a region that is today known as Chitti Gatti,...