You’re A True Fan If You Can Complete The Lyrics Of These 10 Junoon Songs

Junoon World Cup Anthem/Junoon Quiz
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If you grew up listening to Junoon songs, this quiz will be a breeze for you! If not, phir fluke se kaam lena paray ga!

Neend aati nahin saari saari raat, Koi tujh sey kahay...

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Jigar say wohi teer phir par kar...

Zamane ke andaaz
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O pichche hat saadi chedd na guitar...

Pappu Yaar
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Barhna hai Aagey har qadam...

Hai Jazba Junoon
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Chain ek pal nahin...

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Yeh ... ... aankhon ko mujh say chhupa lo

ali azmat
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Dekho kaisay anjanay raston pe barsay ghata...

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Sajna sajna itna bhi hoon kab deevana...

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Yaar bina dil mera nahin lagtaa...

Yaar bina dil mera
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Tanha aisay kyoon bechain phirey....

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You're A True Fan If You Can Complete The Lyrics Of These 10 Junoon Songs
You're A True Fan!

Hai jazba junoon

Well, well, well, it looks like you absolutely love Junoon, and have grown up listening to their songs!
You like Junoon
You're not a big fan, but you know a fair bit about their songs, which is completely okay, too.
Not A Fan

Ali Azmat

You're probably a Gen Zer who knows nothing about the iconic band, Junoon.

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